Acquired tastes


Tiring weekday
Dim lighted cafe
Red brick walls
Fluttering guitar strings
Hot cup of coffee
Bitterness in the vein
Empty chair
Pouring memories
Smile on the face.


Ripple #10 – Second Sin


What causes this obsession!
Pits of my past?
Thoughts of my mind?
Race of the hormones?
Blood through my heart?
Paints of your image?
or World in your eyes!?


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Ripple #9 – Capitals, commas and dots


The days of our lives
Are the infinite pieces
From a busted cracker.
Putting them together
Makes no difference.
While scattered across,
it is one hell of a show!

Still we try to bind them together
To understand it
To make some sense
To predict it
Even secretly to,
manipulate it.

From literates to
Illiterates, we all
Try to do this maths.
To learn it
To master it
Even greedily,
To escape it.

Scientists like to learn
Dimensions of time.
To analyse the past
To measure the present
Even fantasizing,
to travel the future.

And I,
I don’t know to end this one
as I haven’t seen it yet.
Maybe there is no ending
or when there is the ending,
I wont be there to write it.
For now, let me say
The cat is not killed in this
world I live.

or is it!?

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