Pebble #6 : Inner Peace…


My friend Prasanna’s blog post about Inner Peace made me write this one.


How did you feel when you read that phrase? What was your first cut thought? What flashed in your mind when you read it?

Lemme Guess…

Buddha? A mountain or a natural scenery? Kung-Fu Panda? A child’s innocent face? Or your own self?

Whatever it is you are completely alright… unless you felt like hitting me 😛

People choose so many paths in pursuit of peace. Many choose religions / spirituality. Few choose certain relationships. Few choose art forms. And very few choose or destined with solitude.

At times INNER PEACE is all about the choices we make. We can choose to be at peace… Yeah it works for very few people, but yet it needs clarity on your thoughts.

Perhaps, peace is never a choice many a times. What do we do then??

Embracing Love can be a better way to have peace eternally. Along with Love if you have little clarity, then that’s the icing on the cake. Imagine the moments of peace, Love and Clarity brought to you.

And my inner says, Inner peace can never exist without Love and Clarity.


Ripple #2 – Madman

I met a man,
often trembled by thoughts; his own thoughts.

Who was so wise and old,
trying to turn himself gold.
Who’s holding a thought;
A fresh thought. A newly born one.

I’d witnessed him back few days,
with a mask worn his hairy face.

We discussed from the very Alpha to Omega;
in our journey to the so called Ithaca.

I asked him

of Peace.
He answered saying,”Nay, ask in search of peace; but with peace.
For Peace comes from within”.

of Love,
He answered saying,”One song that even the dumb can sing
and the deaf can fiddle to”.

of possession,
He said,”Who am I to say I,mine and myself?when am not mine”.

of Solitude,
He said,”Where you feel the completeness of your own presence.
You blossomed with it and so shall you perish”.

of Guru,
He replied,”A seeker within your soul”.

of prayer,
He said,”The flawless, selfless music
which flows from the soul of your soul”.

of death,
He replied,”A promise that life whispers in the ears of your ears”.

of Wisdom,
he was silent, came a little closer.Unmasked me
and started walking with a dancing gait, singing a song of his own.

And I became a Madman,
trembled by thoughts; my own thoughts.