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If I ever get a chance to talk to people whom i really really wanted to talk, I will end up choosing so many to whom I am grateful, For whom I’ve loads of respect, people who transcended me.
But here am choosing only 5 of them, and here it goes…

1. Kahlil Gibran :



The first person will be Kahlil Gibran ( a Lebanese-American poet, artist and writer), to whom I am very much grateful for transcending me into ‘Me’. I would welcome him to watch sunset walking along the shores of Pacific, sipping the old-old wines he ever preserved. I will be discussing him the beauty that i see in every soul wandering in the world i live. I would like to know what transcended him the Kahlil the world knows now.

2. Che Guevara :


The second person will be Che Guevara, (an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist). I would join him for a Motorcycle journey, just like the one he did in the 1950’s. Will talk to him regarding the current scenario of my country and will ask him suggestions to stand against all those things that corrupt my country & let my fellow beings suffer. Would take his assistance in changing the society I live into a better place to live. Later, in a fine evening I would call him to play football and for a Cigar.

3. George Carlin :


The third person will be George Carlin, (an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, actor, and writer). It’s really a pleasure and full awesomeness to be with such an awesome thinker. We will watch together with a cup of coffee from my terrace certain kids playing in my street. I will be discussing my school day fun and funniest events that ever happened to me, to make him laugh for he made the world laugh for decades.

4. Balu Mahendra : 


The fourth person will be Balu Mahendra (an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, and cinematographer). Will discuss him, the short film ideas that I’ve and will work together with him in that short film project. Working along with such a legend will be an ever lasting experience. I will talk to him from dawn till dusk about all those beauties his magical eyes saw. Will Sit in the terrace with him, silently watching the colourful sky in the dusk.

5. Bob Marley : 

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The fifth person will be Bob Marley (a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician). I will be discussing him about the musical spirit that lies within him. Will be discussing the ways of music and would take him to the nearest prison, to sing a song for all those prisoners who would like to hear a song and taste the freedom that music brings unto one.

I would like to include, Helen Keller in the above list. Such a miraculous women she was. But unfortunately, she couldn’t see or listen. I respect you madam.

If possible will call them all together for a trek and camping with me where we shall share each other’s lives and its journeys.

I thank WeChat and Indiblogger for providing me a chance to remember and write about all those wonderful people i ever respect a lot.

Thanks Again.