Encounter #5 – ‘Two lines of difference’

I have always felt becoming one with the love of your life is a remarkably special thing. I was lucky enough to get united with my love, the June of this year. Mine was a super thriller love, since her dad is a stunt man in Film industry everyone who knew me used to warn me or plead saying “Machi don’t take my name anywhere in your love matter”. Somehow I pulled up all the courage that I had and approached her parents and got them convinced. We started our married life with a billion dreams. We were spending every moment like we were in a fairyland, till the 9th day of our married life.

My father met with a terrible accident incurring brain injuries, by the time I was in Kerala for honeymoon. We had rush and catch a plane to reach Chennai. It took 20+ days for my dad to show signs of consciousness. Meantime, we had to shuttle him between 3 different hospitals to bring him to safe zone. On the 30th day of my married life, when we were sighing with a bit of relief from the all the chaos, we had an even more terrible hit awaiting. We had to lose my brother’s life which made my family collapse catastrophically, especially my Mom who was the spine of our family. As a continuum, fear and guilt shadowed the family, we had to shut our family business. Fear and guilt took a great toll on my mom and sister’s physical and mental health; the shut of business threw us in a financial crunch.

My better half was by side with all her dreams collapsed and having no strength to take further hits. I too was at the verge of getting broke. Luckily I had a few people to share things, which I never used to do. One such friend, Suresh Balachandar introduced me two lines of words from one of his favorite books. Those two lines made a remarkable difference in the way I perceived the situation, it gave me enough strength to step a further mile. It pushed me to carry my family with immense hope.

We as a family are slowly recovering now, and I still have those two lines from the book ‘Puyalile Oru Thoni’ pinned on my table and mind.


“There isn’t a distance which cannot be crossed or a burden which cannot be carried”. (Note : Tried translating the two lines of hope)



Encounter #4 – ‘Mr. Kutti, The Coin Hunter’

Feb, 2011,

A fine morning sunrise in Mamallapuram; that was the time i was roaming from nowhere to nowhere in
in search of something that i never knew. In one of those searches i was in Mamallapuram with one of my co-searcher Anand.
We just landed there when the Sun came to wish us a fine morning.

After we broke our fast, we headed to the Govardhana-Krishna carved sculpture. In fact i didn’t know, that it was Govardhana hills that Krish is holding.
I was figuring out each and every character in that sculpture. When am done with that, i could sense somebody is approaching me. Just turned to figure who it was.
It was a kid of age around 5 who was an alms collector out there.

The Coin Hunter

The Coin Hunter

I just asked him, “What’s your name?”

“Hum… Kuttii”

“Didn’t go school?’

“Nooo..”, he replied as if he didn’t know what a school was.

“Had break fast?”


“What do you want?”

“…”, he raised his hands at me for his alms.

I just randomly put my hands in my pocket and grabbed something.
It happened to be a gold colour 5rupee coin. (By then the government had introduced gold colour 5 rupee coins).
I just placed it in his hands, and here he came up with that kid’s spirit and ran with a dancing gait shouting,

“Ai…!! Thanga Kaasu, Thanga Kaasu..!! ( he shouted Gold Coin, Gold coin)”.

I stood still watching his gait.

Kutti's Triumphant Gait

Kutti’s Triumphant Gait

Kutti, a lasting impression.


Photo Courtesy : Anand Nagarajan.

Encounter #3 – I Call it ‘Perseverance’

DSC_0116 (93)

Year : 2005
Chemistry laboratory, Central polytechnic college.

A fine evening during my college days, we were yet to do one of our chemical titrations. For most of us, that was the first time experience with the Conical flasks, burettes and pipettes. We were not used to the fragrance of chemicals & acids. We were so curious to start our experiments.
Yes, there came the time.
Everybody seemed so busy with their flasks and pipettes.

I was fiddling to the symphony of Some 50 burettes and pipettes shedding dews & drops of potassium permanganate  while the conical flasks were under their hip-hops.

Some amount of potassium permanganate, few drops drops of methyl orange and there comes the master, highly concentrated sulphuric acid who turns the combination a titration. The objective was to bring out a golden yellow color solution in the conical flask.

One by one, We were all finding the golden treasure someway or the other. There goes the symphony to its ending notes. It’s almost over.Mine has got over in the first 15mins, when the whole group of big brains were done with the task.But still i could hear the chirps of a guy in his solo performance. He was still fighting to bring out that golden yellow.

And except him, everybody else started filling their observation notes and records. Minutes rolled on, still he was there in his hip-hop (actually he was struggling to bring out the result). The professors started yelling at him. But he didn’t give up. Watching all these i put forth myself to help him. I showed him a demo and brought out the result. But when he tried again, you wont believe he was able to produce some strange colors. He might have tried at-least some 15 times i guess and still trying.

By the time, we were all called up to submit our notebooks and for evaluation of our results, except for him. After 30mins of evaluation and things, i was the last student to leave the lab. I looked out for that guy, i couldn’t find him in the lab, so pretended to close the doors of the lab. In the gap of the closing doors, I could see his flask glowing and spreading glittering rays of golden yellow. I call it ‘Perseverance’ and how about you?

Encounter #2 – Tears of a Chaotic soul

A couple of years ago, the last Sunday of that year.. After in the noon i was getting ready to meet few of my schoolies in one of their houses. When i was pressing my shirt, my Mom sensed that am starting somewhere. Those were the years, i had no much freedom to go out somewhere on my wish.. (even now too, but I’ve learnt to disobey it. 🙂 ).

Knowing that am gonna go somewhere, Mom said that we are going to THAT Uncle’s house mentioning his name. As usual, i got a little irritated and told her,
“I’m going to meet my friends.”
“No, way” this was her.
I replied,”Why didn’t you tell this yesterday itself?”.
There started our argument cum quarrel and at-last i yielded to her as like ever.

I had no much intimacy towards him; since from my childhood i might’ve seen him just 5 or 6 times, not more than that. But he was a little closer to my parents. I knew that he is going through cancer. Doctors confirmed that he will be no-more in the next couple of weeks. Though i knew it, i was not interested to see him and take part in the last few days of his mortal life.

Fearing my mom’s angry face I started along with her and my younger sister.  Meanwhile, my mobile was ringing so many times, showing few of my friends’s names. I picked only the first two calls to tell them that I’ll be  joining them late in the evening. But I knew I’m the one who organized such meet for discussing an important event which was yet to happen in the following week.

After switching two buses, at-last we reached his home. He was there lying in the floor. I was a little shocked to see him, completely collapsed  from his health and charm look.
The pathetic fact was that, he was unaware of his cancer. His family and the doctors hid the fact from him saying some other ailment.
Sitting beside his head i talked to him for few minutes. Again rang my phone. I rejected the call. Ringing and rejecting went on for few hours. All those hours i was urging my mom to start from there showing some signs and scratching her foot sitting next to her.
(That uncle recognized my urge somehow.. May be due to his experience..). Finally we started from there and I let my mom and sister go home while i was rushing to my friend’s house. The moment they saw me, few patient less friends of mine yelled at me and we got convinced as like ever. Things went on, that important event too was a success. In the next two weeks that uncle of mine was no-more.
Years rolled on…
Ultimately now, most those friends are not with me and that uncle of mine too.

Now in the recent days, am feeling worst for my behavior that day.

Why did i behave so?
Was i so cruel?
Or Because he was someone far from my emotional bandwidth?

Last night while i was thinking of this tears were trickling out of my eyes even before i could control them. Now am unable to offer him anything more than those Delayed-Drop-Of-Tears.

His soul might be Resting-In-Peace…
Mine is under Chaos…

~ Mr.Lunatic…
(Lost in Chaos…)

Encounter #1 – Bitterscotch

That was such a busy road filled with Homo-Sapiens and their vehicles just beside a bus depot. The sky was turning dusky and the coloured lamps of the shops and the streets are yet to shed their light. It is a fun watching roads in the evenings.

I was standing beside a bakery, whose upstairs was a printing shop where a few cards of mine were being printed. Since it was a little sweaty inside that shop, I decided to wait downstairs near the bakery and am now downstairs. The ice cream box in that bakery was tempting me a little and I fell for it at last.Bought a BUTTERSCOTCH flavored ice cream for Rs.35/-.

While i try to taste the first lick, there came that young man of my age with a shabby outfit torn at few places. He was standing with an adequate physical attire to portray him as a beggar ( i don’t wanna call him so…).

He raised his needy hands at me expecting few coins for his life. I simply said “No, get away” but in a soft tone. He moved to the man next to me.

Minutes started melting and my ice cream too.

I was loosing myself watching that colourful road. Suddenly, I could feel that same guy approaching me again with that same gesture. But my reply was the same, with the same soft tone. He moved. Now I could sense that he is a little retarded, but i didn’t bother much about it since i was so concerned about my yummy BUTTERSCOTCH.

Minutes were winding up,

In the next 3 mins the same guy standing in front of me, facing me face to face. Uttered these words even before i could react, ” You’re eating na, but am not.I’m hungry” pointing his fingers at my ice cream. I’m became dumb-folded. His words stabbed me in right in my chest where that strange sound Lub-Dub comes from. I threw that ice cream in the nearest dust bin. Walked along with him to the hotel in the next building throwing my hands around his shoulders.

Suddenly i started feeling my BUTTERSCOTCH turning into a BITTER-SCOTCH.