The Lunatic


When once a glass half filled with water is kept on a table and so many were inquired what it was?

Most of the replies were these,

“The glass is half FULL.”

“The glass is half EMPTY.”

The earlier one was accepted as +ve approach and the latter one was discriminated as -ve.

There came that guy with an ear to ear smile on his hairy face.

He poured the water on the floor, shattered the glass and put it on the wet floor.

Then he declared, “The water is FULL of glass.”

What would you call it as? A +ve approach or -ve?

The ones who couldn’t fit that in any of the above said approaches, named

it as Lunacy


him as Lunatic.

In this lab you can find all my lunacy and lunatic experiments. Experiments begin…


(Feeling blessed to be a Lunatic..!)


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