Month: February 2014

Ripple #8 – Pain


How can I express this pain inside me!
It is not a pain which I can show through a wound
May be I can try telling the situation which causes it.
But the pain that got triggered,
Will it be the same for two different beings?
It is not like a cut, which will inflict the same pain
They might cope up, I might not;
I might cope up, they might not.
They say, “why don’t you Art it!?”
yes,I can. I can art it.
I might get praising for such an art
I may get, “real” “yeah me too” words
But does it make the pain any lesser?
Does it make the pain well endured?
How can I describe the pain!
The pain, which is never the same
at any given two seconds
That pain that is no where to be found
but exists always in the void.

Pic The scream


Ripple #7 – Eternity


Words evade
faces slip
memory lies
world fades
you are still