Pebble #4: Dives and Lazarus

It was one of those days, where my dear depressive thoughts just started to feast with my happiness. It started to replicate on my words and actions and immediately my close friend caught me.

Let us say, the friend’s name is BestFriend. We all have this BestFriend and we are also one to certain people. I was sharing my problems and feelings to him.

Being the BestFriend as he is, with all the patience, he was consoling me with caring words. As the conversation happened, he told me to think about the people who are really suffering out there and what kind of luxuries I am having.

Rich man and the poor by a French artist, Gustave Dore

Rich man and the poor by a French artist, Gustave Dore

All of a sudden it struck me very hard. How cruel it is to think that there are people, who are suffering worse than us and to feel better comparing our self with them. how casually those words are  told. It is not just he. I am damn guilty of having uttered the same words to many people in my life with the same concern.

Putting it aside, who am I to judge that a person, who is not having all the luxury as I am, is suffering. Or to judge a person, who is having all the luxury that I am not having, to be joyous and free from suffering?

Will someone else be looking at me and feel good! yes, there would definitely be. Let those souls be happy.


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