Encounter #4 – ‘Mr. Kutti, The Coin Hunter’

Feb, 2011,

A fine morning sunrise in Mamallapuram; that was the time i was roaming from nowhere to nowhere in
in search of something that i never knew. In one of those searches i was in Mamallapuram with one of my co-searcher Anand.
We just landed there when the Sun came to wish us a fine morning.

After we broke our fast, we headed to the Govardhana-Krishna carved sculpture. In fact i didn’t know, that it was Govardhana hills that Krish is holding.
I was figuring out each and every character in that sculpture. When am done with that, i could sense somebody is approaching me. Just turned to figure who it was.
It was a kid of age around 5 who was an alms collector out there.

The Coin Hunter

The Coin Hunter

I just asked him, “What’s your name?”

“Hum… Kuttii”

“Didn’t go school?’

“Nooo..”, he replied as if he didn’t know what a school was.

“Had break fast?”


“What do you want?”

“…”, he raised his hands at me for his alms.

I just randomly put my hands in my pocket and grabbed something.
It happened to be a gold colour 5rupee coin. (By then the government had introduced gold colour 5 rupee coins).
I just placed it in his hands, and here he came up with that kid’s spirit and ran with a dancing gait shouting,

“Ai…!! Thanga Kaasu, Thanga Kaasu..!! ( he shouted Gold Coin, Gold coin)”.

I stood still watching his gait.

Kutti's Triumphant Gait

Kutti’s Triumphant Gait

Kutti, a lasting impression.


Photo Courtesy : Anand Nagarajan.



  1. Its always a pleasure to be with kids. We do see a small problme as a huge one, but thy dnt knw what does sorrow mean.. Blessed with innocence, they make their moments always happy… Wish to b a kid always…


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