Month: March 2012

Ripple #2 – Madman

I met a man,
often trembled by thoughts; his own thoughts.

Who was so wise and old,
trying to turn himself gold.
Who’s holding a thought;
A fresh thought. A newly born one.

I’d witnessed him back few days,
with a mask worn his hairy face.

We discussed from the very Alpha to Omega;
in our journey to the so called Ithaca.

I asked him

of Peace.
He answered saying,”Nay, ask in search of peace; but with peace.
For Peace comes from within”.

of Love,
He answered saying,”One song that even the dumb can sing
and the deaf can fiddle to”.

of possession,
He said,”Who am I to say I,mine and myself?when am not mine”.

of Solitude,
He said,”Where you feel the completeness of your own presence.
You blossomed with it and so shall you perish”.

of Guru,
He replied,”A seeker within your soul”.

of prayer,
He said,”The flawless, selfless music
which flows from the soul of your soul”.

of death,
He replied,”A promise that life whispers in the ears of your ears”.

of Wisdom,
he was silent, came a little closer.Unmasked me
and started walking with a dancing gait, singing a song of his own.

And I became a Madman,
trembled by thoughts; my own thoughts.



Encounter #3 – I Call it ‘Perseverance’

DSC_0116 (93)

Year : 2005
Chemistry laboratory, Central polytechnic college.

A fine evening during my college days, we were yet to do one of our chemical titrations. For most of us, that was the first time experience with the Conical flasks, burettes and pipettes. We were not used to the fragrance of chemicals & acids. We were so curious to start our experiments.
Yes, there came the time.
Everybody seemed so busy with their flasks and pipettes.

I was fiddling to the symphony of Some 50 burettes and pipettes shedding dews & drops of potassium permanganate  while the conical flasks were under their hip-hops.

Some amount of potassium permanganate, few drops drops of methyl orange and there comes the master, highly concentrated sulphuric acid who turns the combination a titration. The objective was to bring out a golden yellow color solution in the conical flask.

One by one, We were all finding the golden treasure someway or the other. There goes the symphony to its ending notes. It’s almost over.Mine has got over in the first 15mins, when the whole group of big brains were done with the task.But still i could hear the chirps of a guy in his solo performance. He was still fighting to bring out that golden yellow.

And except him, everybody else started filling their observation notes and records. Minutes rolled on, still he was there in his hip-hop (actually he was struggling to bring out the result). The professors started yelling at him. But he didn’t give up. Watching all these i put forth myself to help him. I showed him a demo and brought out the result. But when he tried again, you wont believe he was able to produce some strange colors. He might have tried at-least some 15 times i guess and still trying.

By the time, we were all called up to submit our notebooks and for evaluation of our results, except for him. After 30mins of evaluation and things, i was the last student to leave the lab. I looked out for that guy, i couldn’t find him in the lab, so pretended to close the doors of the lab. In the gap of the closing doors, I could see his flask glowing and spreading glittering rays of golden yellow. I call it ‘Perseverance’ and how about you?