Encounter #1 – Bitterscotch

That was such a busy road filled with Homo-Sapiens and their vehicles just beside a bus depot. The sky was turning dusky and the coloured lamps of the shops and the streets are yet to shed their light. It is a fun watching roads in the evenings.

I was standing beside a bakery, whose upstairs was a printing shop where a few cards of mine were being printed. Since it was a little sweaty inside that shop, I decided to wait downstairs near the bakery and am now downstairs. The ice cream box in that bakery was tempting me a little and I fell for it at last.Bought a BUTTERSCOTCH flavored ice cream for Rs.35/-.

While i try to taste the first lick, there came that young man of my age with a shabby outfit torn at few places. He was standing with an adequate physical attire to portray him as a beggar ( i don’t wanna call him so…).

He raised his needy hands at me expecting few coins for his life. I simply said “No, get away” but in a soft tone. He moved to the man next to me.

Minutes started melting and my ice cream too.

I was loosing myself watching that colourful road. Suddenly, I could feel that same guy approaching me again with that same gesture. But my reply was the same, with the same soft tone. He moved. Now I could sense that he is a little retarded, but i didn’t bother much about it since i was so concerned about my yummy BUTTERSCOTCH.

Minutes were winding up,

In the next 3 mins the same guy standing in front of me, facing me face to face. Uttered these words even before i could react, ” You’re eating na, but am not.I’m hungry” pointing his fingers at my ice cream. I’m became dumb-folded. His words stabbed me in right in my chest where that strange sound Lub-Dub comes from. I threw that ice cream in the nearest dust bin. Walked along with him to the hotel in the next building throwing my hands around his shoulders.

Suddenly i started feeling my BUTTERSCOTCH turning into a BITTER-SCOTCH.



  1. I believe that “alms collectors” do their work with great emotional blackmail! When we are alone waiting, they never bother you the second time! But if you are with a girl or a child or eating they will push that guilt into you very well!


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